LPS-Lasersysteme offers laser shows and laser show systems – a story of success with high passion – since 1993!

Characterized by the philosophy of strong customer care, continuous innovations and the global mind, the company LPS-Lasersysteme from Germany is one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of laser show systems and supplier of laser shows and multimedia events. Nevertheless, what makes the company located in South-West Germany so special, that it is more than 20 years successful?

LPS-Lasersysteme enjoys a great reputation already almost everywhere on the globe – whether in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia or on the doorstep in Europe – the name LPS stands for high quality, reliability and costumer care!

In 1993, on March 1st, the present managing director Siegmund Ruff founded the company LPS-Lasersysteme and initially led a one-man business.

One year later, he hired the first employee. In 1996 the present Marketing Director Martina Ruff strengthen the team and started first export business with the Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Austria and Greece.

At that time, we only dreamed about of being known around the world. When I discussed this as my personal goal with Siggi, he smiled at me” Martina Ruff says.

The first sale to Asia in 1998 was the first step towards global trade. The following year went along with sales up to South America. In addition, a global dealer network was established, which is still increasing.

Nowadays, the managing director can proudly look back to the past 20 years, as the result of the close cooperation with his global business partners is impressive.

LPS-Lasersysteme represents itself around the world with more than seven dozen dealers, freelancers and representatives.

Due to excellent cooperation with my business partners and business friends, we always know what the trade is demanding. So we can foresee and assess in time, in which direction the needs of our customers are moving. This information is for a company producing in Germany as important as never before, considering the flood of cheap products from Asia” Siggi Ruff says.

But not enough, LPS expanded its portfolio a long time ago.

In addition to our own laser show systems, we offered previously only pure laser shows.

We still do that and more than ever before. But we complement our offer with very great and close cooperation” mentioned Siggi Ruff and means among other things the combination of laser show and laser harp, played by an artist, not comparable.

With brilliant colourful laser beams and mystical sounds from the awesome laser harp the guest dreams away into another audio-visual dimension.

Several successful performances are already realized together, like for example outdoor in an idyllic castle courtyard or for special occasions as once in the Europapark Rust, Tuningworld Friedrichshafen, Old Airport Tempelhof in Berlin, and much more.

2012 we presented REALS by LPS on the international exhibition prolight+sound in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Since then, of course we developed more and more this interactive laser show and thus it grows up immeasurably. Reals by LPS is a high creative combination of laser and video live tracking as well as a multimedia performance. It allows companies and all others who use this medium as a real eye catcher, to attract attention very special and particularly interactively” says Martina Ruff.

It is hard to believe, how many possibilities are given with that to the whole advertising industry. So, who wants to stand out from the crowd, should come to us and watch it. “

But when it is about show, stage production and trade fair appearance, LPS offers, besides multimedia show elements, another highlight – the original laser robot Flagrob.

The robot with six limbs, which is specifically intended for the industry, is known for its flexible limbs and a crazy laser spectacular.

Of course such a robot isn´t build up quickly and it needs space – BUT in each time it is a magnet for the audience when it is equipped with our laser systems and it makes laser shows and laser graphics more mobile” explained Siggi Ruff.

And precisely this aspect is so appreciated by many of their numerous customers.

With LPS-Lasersysteme there is no „too large effort“, or „that is too complicated” or „that is not possible“. „Each unforgettable laser show thrives on visions and dreams, also those of our customers.

To make them tangible, to implement them, that is our job.

And with our great team and our experience, we make that quite well, I suppose” adds Martina Ruff.

With a growing order book situation, LPS needed more space to meet the new production requirements. That is why the owner of the company and his team moved to larger premises in 2002. On more than 2000 m² property are the production hall, warehouse, management and of course the show room.

Enough space and expansion possibilities for many new and fresh ideas” says Martina Ruff.

LPS invites customers and prospects to look around the 250-sqm showroom and to get an insight into laser technology. „We are a company of the people,” says Siggi Ruff.

With us, clients should see LPS’ show lasers extensively and get extensive ideas for the laser show. We always advise in that way, as if it is our own project or our own event. It is not always about laser shows, but also multimedia elements, like you can see in our image trailer on our website LPS laser show, laser shows, show laser systems and laser systems”.

The guiding principle of the LPS-Team is to exceed the clients’ needs.

This confirms the extensive list of references. There are representatives of entertainment and leisure trade, theme parks, sporting events, music concerts, TV acts, tours and many other emotional celebrations.

Famous and important personalities are included like Scooter and Pope Benedict XVI., or even the Saudi Arabian Princess Samaher Bin Turky and well-known companies such as Daimler, Porsche, ADAC, Faber-Castell, Siemens, BMW and many more complement the reference list, which is very impressive to read.

Thus, LPS often has a very important role in great events.

We love what we do. I am working for LPS since 1995, but it is wonderful if it gives me the creeps repeatedly, as recently at the international Fireworks Festival 2012 in the Swabian Ostfildern, more than 55,000 visitors have been there. The combination of fireworks and laser show was incredible” enthuses Martina Ruff.

In addition, the list of permanent installations is impressive long.

There are many entertainment centres from the well-known A-chain and the Musikparks beside several others, even so bowling centres, casinos and leisure parks, as well as international multimedia laser show installations of projects with water fountains.

Wow, 20 years! It is such an incredibly long time which has passed by so quickly. And not to forget, what has happened all over this period in laser technology. From the former water-cooled systems to the nowadays very small and unbelievable high-powered air-cooled laser show systems“. Siggi Ruff who knows all facets of the laser industry, adds casually „I think, we have inspired a lot of people with laser shows. We will do that also in the future, because that is what we can.”

Always the latest technology, always setting high standards – that testifies that in 2003 LPS was the top seller of Coherent lasers without missing the trend to the handy air-cooled lasers.

To the numerous innovations of the global company belong the development of high power laser systems with more than 50 W as well as the presentation of the LC7 laser controller in 2009.

In the following year, the new developed „made in Germany“ series X-Blu RGB experienced an unexpected high demand, which keeps up to date next to the X-Beam+ series.

The LPS product range includes different show laser series, which complete the portfolio of different performance and models – for each client’s demand the best suitable LPS laser show system.

It includes the good valued made in Germany brands X-Beam+, CompaX, X-Blu RGB, LPS-Bax and the

LPS-StarLite with spectral bench and – last but not least – the LPS-Smart Line series with a 12-fold optical bench and double scanning. The latest innovation is a special moving head with laser show system inside: GLP Impression Laser is very small with laser power up to 6 W RGB.

With this product range, the company LPS-Lasersysteme hits almost every customer’s wishes.

No matter what criteria a customer has on a show laser system – with LPS-Lasersysteme everyone can find his/her perfect show laser system.

Developed by German engineers, LPS offers complementary their own software LPS-RealTIME Pro. It is one of the professional and worldwide known multimedia and laser show software on the market.

It is also our goal that each ILDA-compatible laser system is able to perform beautiful laser outputs. That is why our developers created the LPS-LaserShowPlayer” adds Siggi Ruff.

As a global supplier of laser shows, we know the equipment is as important. Therefore, we offer our LPS-made wind machine series LPS-Air and our Helix fog liquid, which is available in three intensities and on request with different flavours” explains Martina Ruff, „furthermore, we also offer PVC and gauze screens, water screens and hydro shields.”

In their branch, LPS-Lasersysteme is known for increasing high standards, especially in quality and performance.

For LPS-Lasersysteme we have big ideas with very high standards”, Martina and Siggi Ruff rejoice, „with our team, which stands by us and LPS, we have many good and fresh ideas with an unbelievable urge for implementation.”

You can be anxious with how interesting and exciting surprises the dynamic company will attract attention in the future.



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