Colorful laser show staging by LPS for the new Volvo XC90 in Johannesburg, South Africa

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The most southern country of Africa is the Republic of South Africa. With its coastline of nearly 2,800 in the south it is along the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean. On the north the neighbor countries are Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. On the east Mozambique and Swaziland, as well as the kingdom of Lesotho. South Africa has approximately 53 million people and is a multi-ethnic society with a wide variety of cultures, religions and eleven official languages (this high number is surely unique in the world).
Afrikaans and English are the two languages with European origin: AFRIKAANS formed from Dutch and is spoken of most white and coloured South Africans. ENGLISH came with the British colonialism and is mainly used in public and commercial life.
South Africa is not only well known for famous people like Nelson Mandela or Hector Pieterson, but also for its legendary landscapes from the “Tafelberg” up to “God’s Window” and of course as a regional economic power. A lot of companies are located there with great success in their branches.

For example LPS-Laser SA in Johannesburg. It is one of the youngest subsidiaries of LPS-Lasersysteme, a leading manufacturer for laser shows and laser show systems in Germany.
Founded in the year 2013, LPS-Laser SA has already many interesting customer orders, who increasingly come from the automotive industry, and known events, which accordingly increased the recognition in the South African region. The latest customer, who also comes from the automotive industry, wanted from the South African company to underscore the exquisite market introduction of a new automobile. With a specially designed and preprogrammed laser show production, the initial and important appearance was accordingly put in a great scene.
For the presentation of the latest passenger car Volvo XC90 of the Swedish automotive manufacturer Volvo, LPS-Laser South Africa used five LPS laser projectors. These high end laser show projectors include one LPS-Bax 6 W RGB, two CompaX 8 W GB as well as two X-Beam+ with each 5,5 W RGB.
All laser projectors were produced handmade in Ofterdingen, Germany by skilled workers.
Because all laser systems must meet meticulously elaborated quality requirements before they leave the factory, all show laser systems are subjected strict tests and quality inspections.
The South African subsidiary of LPS-Lasersysteme makes the name LPS all honor.
In the founding year LPS-Laser SA had already attractive contracts. To name just one job like the Channel O Awards after party, where they projected colorful laser beam shows.

Martina Ruff
Marketing Director
Haidschwärze 18
72131 Ofterdingen
Tel: 07473/271177
Website: LPS Lasersysteme + Lasershow, Lasershows

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