A further, promising laser show device by LPS on prolight+sound trade fair 2016 in Frankfurt a. M.

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It is quite admirable how dynamic the technology advances. Different devices support us in all areas of everyday life. Every day we face technical innovations that are often indispensable on the next day. They bring relief in our profession, in the household and even in our free time. Valuable time can be saved, and versatile work will be enormously simplified.
Many of these technical assistants are always going to be more compact, handy and easier to use.

There are reasons for the urge of constantly research at the technology and development of various system and devices. The present market situation is very special, sometimes very turbulent. To be a successful market participant you have to adapt to rapid market developments. Because of the Internet the market is as transparent as you can ask it as a consumer. It was never so easy to compare prices of different products and services. The resulting price war determine quality. To being different, many companies swear nowadays on positive unique selling points. It is the most important thing, to develop unique and compelling products, retain existing customers and to gain new customers. No wonder, that the ambition is very great, to do research on innovations, to develop and finally to implement. Companies hope to gain a big development projection to their competitors, until they bring similar products and features on the market.

A margin has probably again the German company LPS-Lasersystems, which is worldwide known as a leading manufacturer and provider of laser shows and show laser systems. LPS will introduce this year again their new interesting laser effect product for the first time on the international trade fair prolight+sound 2016 in Frankfurt am Main. This is the LPS Impression Laser SFX Bar. Small, handy, light, precisely processed materials – so as you would expect from LPS-Lasersystems. Quickly convince this powerful laser effect bar with five separated controllable and dimmable laser outputs, which offers the user a wide range of varied intensely and colourful laser effects.These include a Line Grating, Grid Grating, Double-Gridgrating, Machado as well as a Lumina effect. These different effects allow colorful laser show productions, regardless whether the system is installed horizontally, vertically or parallel. The LPS Impression Laser SFX Bar is controllable via DMX and is equipped with a DMX IN / OUT connection, a lockable PowerCon IN / OUT as well as a dimmable LCD display. By the motorized arm the LPS Impression Laser SFX Bar reaches a motion axis (tilt) of amazing 210°, even the speed of the tilt mechanism is infinitely variable and allows dynamic, space filling laser shows in RGB for stunning light and beam effects. There is probably no such a movable and comparable laser bar yet on the market. The product is ideal for concerts, theater, TV shows, festivals, theme parks and all types of events and reliably supports the creativity of professional lighting designers.

Already last year LPS surprised the visitors of the exhibition prolight+sound 2015 with the novelty product LPS Impression Laser Moving Head – a pure diode laser show system integrated into a moving head. This product is convincing more and more satisfied stage lighting designer, proving responsibly with strong laser power that they understand their „craft“. This customer satisfaction is one of the reasons why the LPS Impression Laser Moving Head is touring with numerous well-known stars through the world.

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