Laser show presentation at the prolight+sound 2016 in Frankfurt a. M., Germany

The prolight+sound is an international trade fair for lighting, sound and stage equipment and was held from April 5th – 8th 2016 in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. The grounds of Messe Frankfurt GmbH has 592,127 square meters of area, consists of 10 exhibition halls and a large outdoor area and is therefore the second largest exhibition space worldwide. Messe Frankfurt organized 132 fairs in the year 2015, more than half of them were held abroad.

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Laser module – an impressive and versatile medium of nowadays – made in Germany

The dynamically advances of the nowadays technology is admirable. We experience in all areas of everyday life various technical innovations. It often help us and make work easier for us. In the course of time many devices was getting more handy, compact and easy to use. The trend always to do research on the technology of various devices, to develop and to improve, may be based in the present market situation and the market participants themselves. While many customers pay attention only to the price, the companies are constantly striving to highlight from the tangle of this price. They want to provide better and cheaper products to leave the competitors as far as possible behind.

Let’s think back only for around a decade. Most electronic devices like e. g. computers were heavy, unwieldy and of course expensive. Even the medium laser is used since the seventies of the last century in the show business as a special highlight. At that time, the gas laser tubes were large and water-cooled. Long water hoses and high-voltage had to be fixed and that made the use of a laser show system very difficult. For comparison, a medium-sized laser system with transformer, power-supply, water hoses and other accessories, which was required for the laser show, weighed more than 600 kg with laser power of just 5 watts whitelight (multicolor). The currently newest and smallest laser show system of LPS-Lasersysteme in Germany, has a laser output of at least 4 watts RGB (multicolor) with small dimensions of 22 x 20 x 15 cm and the low weight of 5 kg.
LPS produces laser modules up to 50 W and more if the client needs. Designed by their technicians, each laser module is produced in careful and precise hand work by own specialists in Germany.
Suppliers of LPS-Lasersysteme are located mainly in the Middle District and must meet the high quality standards, which prove the long-standing and cooperative business relationships.
The laser modules are characterized particularly by the high-quality workmanship. The air-proof and dust-proof housing ensures reliably long life with constant laser power and low maintenance requirements. Already before producing LPS focused on compactness. That is why LPS developed a special SMA with innovative Q-Mount technology for Pure Diode laser modules. Thus, the smallest laser module is available currently with 95 x 69 x 54 mm.
The applications of laser modules are versatile. Besides powerful laser shows, the laser modules can be used also for laboratory and industrial purposes. In many products laser is no longer indispensable, e.g. measuring systems for distances (up to the moon) or speed measurement (radars), POS systems and the internet, such as in CD, DVD and BluRay devices. And last but not least laser is used successfully in medicine for different treatments and procedures to make people healthy or more beautiful.
The manufacturer LPS-Lasersysteme offers different laser modules in different laser classes – as RGB modules or as single-color laser modules in red, green and blue, ready to use. OEM modules on request.

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Marketing Director
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Laser show in Ostfildern, Germany, at Flammende Sterne 2014

Giant laser shows and impressive fireworks have literally set the sky above Ostfildern, Stuttgart, Germany on fire – 60,000 enthusiastic visitors were this year present at the success event “Flammende Sterne 2014”.
The international firework festival ”Flammende Sterne“ in Ostfildern is a great and very popular event, which is already known far beyond the borders of Stuttgart. The event with goose bumps guarantee is taking place annually over a whole weekend in August. International specialists of pyrotechnics stage on each evening a breathtaking firework show to determine who is the best of the participants.
This year from 15th – 17th August 2014 the night sky over Ostfildern has already become the 12th time to an incredible and exciting scenery.So the professional pyrotechnicians offered at this year’s competition for the first place of “Flammende Sterne” truly incredible moments. As usual, there was for every single nation a night where it could take the visitors at 10:15 p.m. in a colorful paradise with exciting music fireworks.
Dubai, Costa Rica and Germany took place for the fireworks competition 2014. With an oriental show the participant Pains Fireworks LLS Dubai from the United Arabic Emirates started on Friday evening with the motto “An Arabian Adventure”. As the first participating country from the Arab Nations, the company proved its talent for thrilling pyrotechnics. The second show on Saturday made the South Americans from Costa Rica. Considered as “old hand“ of the industry, the family firm proved itself with over 120 years’ experience as highly professional. Their show entitled “Pura Vida!“ has probably offered almost all facets by the prepared music choice. From romantic to pop up to rock, there was a great music hit for all music tastes. Also the synchrony between firework and sound was a delight for the hearing and vision of the many visitors. On the last evening of the firework festival “Flammende Sterne 2014” the company Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH was representative for Germany. With experience of several decades, the German company offered an incredibly impressive firework show with the motto “Unique Pyro Romance”. With their charming presentation, probably almost every heart of the spectators is melted. They proved that even under the theme “Romance” a truly rocky and very harmonious firework show can be presented. The song „Engel“ by the German rock band Rammstein rounded off the very elaborate pyro show with a twist and the company Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH scored with their giant firework the deserved first place. With its harmonious show Costa Rica took the second place and Dubai was on the third place.
However, before each of this spectacle has started, a colorful laser show was presented. This fiery countdown sould have been get the visitors in a proper mood for the firework. Already the third year in a row, the company LPS-Lasersysteme from Ofterdingen, Germany, enjoyed the trust of the responsible to get the visitors with a music laser show as opening in a great mood. So the following firework was already expected with happy and sparkling eyes. With seven high-end laser show systems, including a LPS-StarLite RGB with double scanning as well as six LPS-Bax projectors, LPS put the heat on the thousands of guests on each three evenings at 22:00 p.m. with a total laser power of about 150 W. LPS presented for the first time four new beam shows during an event. The laser shows with the titles “The Unforgiven“, “Faster”, “Everdream”, and ”Eyes of a Stranger” had a truly amazing effect at the audience.

Website: Lasershow, Lasershows from LPS Lasersysteme