Innovative laser technology in laser modules – An integrated normality in our daily life

The applications for laser, respectively laser modules have become a part of our daily lives. Whether for research and industrial purposes, cutting edge medical technology or entertainment, laser technology is very important for different applications. Strongly established, it is inconceivable to imagine a world without laser technology.
To entertain and dazzle audiences, laser modules are often used in laser show systems for impressive laser effects in entertainment centers, theme parks, at laser show productions as well as at multimedia events.
This sophisticated laser technology is in any laser printer, CD, DVD and Blu-ray players, as well as laser pointers as optical pointers, barcode detection inside bar code readers as well as effect projectors in Planetariums. Recently, laser is also used in the automotive industry as optical signaling devices, driver heads up displays and driver support. However, there are still many other important uses of laser. Different manufacturing methods are applied for the production techniques in the industry.
Laser processing machines are particularly good at changing material properties of different materials by coating, forming, cutting, jointing and engraving. Materials that can be edited with laser technology among others, is metals, plastic, wood and paper.
Distances, temperatures and other variables are calculated by the use of laser in control and measurement technology. Well-known example of this is radar traffic control and the automotive industry. Vehicles currently receive technical support using laser technology. Laser measuring instruments have become indispensable in the construction industry. A good example is tunneling.
Laser modules have a wide variety of applications in medicine. Patients benefit from laser light mainly in the ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology, ENT, dentistry and in cancer therapy. General medicine uses laser to measure blood flow and circulation. Laser therapy devices are used for wound and pain therapy.
For many years now the medical industry has developed numerous applications for laser technology, especially in the cosmetics industry. Aesthetic dermatology, various treatments for hair removal, tattoo removal, treatment of acne scars and Naevus Flammeus conditions in infants are applied to name just a few examples.
Laser is one of the most important tools in science and research, especially in biology, chemistry, and physics.
Laser applications require laser modules that differentiate through various factors. High performance, wavelength, processing and power output to emit a laser beam are determined in accordance with the demand of the application and the laser module is developed and produced accordingly.
All laser equipment is assembled with absolute precision by highly trained LPS technicians. The LPS laser modules are uniquely characterized by their high-quality processing capability. Further, the modules are hermetically sealed with a dust-proof housing to ensure reliability, constant power output, low maintenance and a long lifespan. Modules vary in size depending on the application. The compact design which is currently in the final stages of development measures a mere 95mm x 69mm x 54 mm.
Suppliers to LPS are required to meet the strict, high quality specifications of the components used in the manufacturing process. The long-standing relationship LPS has with its trade partners is a testimony to the loyalty and cooperation between it and its valued supply chain.

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