Multimedia spectacle with laser show at the Pluederhaeuser festival

Since 1963, the Pluederhaeuser festival in the municipality Pluederhausen, Germany, is taking place annually. Also this year from 24. – 28. July 2014 at the 52. anniversary, exciting days with numerous attractions were offered on the entire festival area for the visitors. An event which is customized for families, their acquaintances, friends as well as neighbors.

The public festival truly offers excellent entertainment for all ages. Among lot of other things the event also provided an exciting fairground for several days. It has included funny bumper cars rides, classical shooting gallery, a fascinating ferris wheel and many other exciting stalls, which have provided amusing moments. Inside the huge marquee many musicians had performed great shows, like for example a choir with 350 members. In addition to other brass musicians, also several bands were present, which ensured a good mood at the Pluederhaeuser festival. Further highlights was the “Punch and Judy show” for kids as well as the annually duck race with cult factor.
Also the culinary delicacies attracts the guests every year.
Beside hearty sausage and cheese plates, Tarte Flambée, classic roast pork with Swabian noodles called “Spaetzle”, gravy and salad, the popular grilled chicken “Festgoeckele” as well as Italian Pizza, the Greek Gyros, the Turkish Kebab, the hearty grilled ox is known as a very special highlight for all gourmets such as the beer from the barrel.
Since the grilled ox yearly is very much in demand by hungry guests, the ox is now even two times overnight grilled on a great fire, and not only one time overnight as usual, to pamper the palate of visitors over two days.

As a crowning conclusion there is a special eye-catcher for all visitors at the folk festival every year. Always at the last evening a breathtaking firework is shot. As the responsible organizers wanted to surprise the guests this year, they decided for more effects and special accents. That is why they offered to their visitors a new, totally unexpected finale show. The result of this great idea was the probably first-time use of laser shows at the Pluederhaeuser festival.
In cooperation with its very close partner for professional pyrotechnics from the German city Carlsbad, the company LPS-Lasersysteme from Ofterdingen in Germany projected a fantastic laser show on Monday evening, 28. July 2014.
Specially for this event, the LPS team has programmed an extraordinary laser show with its multimedia laser show software LPS-RealTIME Pro. To immerse the audience in a sea of colorful laser beams, three powerful high-end laser projectors of the bestselling series LPS-Bax, produced by LPS in Germany, were used. During the 15 minute performance, the partner from Carlsbad has proven his professional hand by shooting the fireworks manually and music synchronously at the same time, and also contributed to a gigantic overall picture of the show. The harmonious combination of professional laser show, sound and pyrotechnics has guaranteed a magical multimedia performance at the Pluederhaeuser Festival.

Website: Lasershow, Lasershows von LPS Lasersysteme