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Albert Einstein laid the physical foundations for lasers already in 1916. More than 40 years later (1960), Theodore Maiman built the first ruby laser. After a further decade, laser show systems were used as special highlights in the show business. At this time water-cooled gas lasers were used. Thus, for laser shows many meters of cable, hoses and unwieldy power lines had to be installed temporarily and it took great pains to realize a professional laser show. In those days a laser show system with transformer and accessories had more than 400 kg weight at a laser power of 5W white light.

Technological developments till today make that there are almost limitless possibilities with lasers. Today’s professional laser show systems are lightweights, they are more compact and have a much stronger laser power. They can be integrated into each stage scenery. Laser show systems are long ago an integral part at festivals, concerts, galas, discotheques, TV shows and many other profitable events.

Special software development allows the programmer to create laser shows in a very short time with features and control options. One of the developers and manufacturers of laser show software is Pangolin. The latest software feature is called FB4 Interface, which was presented for the first time at the prolight+sound 2015 trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The FB4 MAX includes all features of this series: the FB4 mainboard, OLED display, network connection, SD card slot, DMX and ILDA.

LPS-Lasersysteme is worldwide known as a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional laser show systems, laser shows, laser show software and important part of multimedia shows. Among other things the company completed their own laser show software portfolio with the full FB4 series. Now the bestseller by LPS, the LPS-Bax series, is available with integrated FB4 MAX. On customer request, this interface is also available externally in a handy housing or as an insert for an 19” rack.

In addition to the entire product group of Pangolin and the own software LPS-RealTIME Pro, which is very popular with professional users, LPS offers yet another new innovation, which is integrated directly into the LPS-RealTIME Pro: RealVIEW. This module enables realistic simulations of laser shows – almost as if you are already on site. With just a few clicks, the programmer can read images of the future location and position the number of laser show systems. The laser show output is made via these systems. In particular programming and adjustment of multi projector shows as well as combination of the laser graphics with beam shows are facilitated.

The combination with all the new features and the high-end laser technology of the LPS-Bax, LPS offers a wide selection, that pretty much let every customer wish comes true.

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