Powerful laser show systems and exciting new products by LPS at prolight+sound 2015

Every year, the international trade fair prolight+sound takes place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
The world’s highly esteemed trade fair covers all disciplines related to the show business.
Latest trends of event technology such as audio and sound technology, stagecraft, lighting and laser technology and other show equipment are presented by leading manufacturers and service enterprises.
As it attracts many exhibitors from various countries to the trade fair year after year, also thousands of visitors travel each year from all over the world to this interesting exhibition.
928 exhibitors from 41 countries have presented itself at the 20th anniversary of prolight+sound.
From 15th – 18th April 2015, these exhibitors presented their companies and their product news and existing products.

Also at this year’s prolight+sound 2015 the company LPS-Lasersysteme was there as exhibitor.
The company is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of laser show systems and supplier of laser shows as well as multimedia shows.
In addition to the already existing laser show systems, such as the best-selling system LPS BaX, the innovative CompaX and the laser moving head LPS impression laser, the South German company LPS presented also their new range of products.
This includes the brand new pure diode laser show projector Spike, available as Spike 2K and 4K (2 W and 4 W RGB ). This show laser system is especially characterized by professionally processing high-quality materials, manufactured by German specialists. SMA with innovative Q-Mount technology, specifically developed from LPS for pure diode systems, all relevant safety precaution as well as the real laser power in the article describtion are only a few properties, which make this system probably to the perfect laser show projector for beam shows and budget-oriented customers – because the device is low-priced, although equipped with high-quality technology.
Further innovative, new products are the laser modules made by LPS. These modules are available in single colors like red, green and blue (R, G, B) as well as in RGB multicolor modules with various laser power. Primarily they are developed for rough field applications like laser shows, but also for laboratory and industry.
In addition to the products for show lasers, laser modules and laser shows, there was also a compelling and fascinating demonstration of REALS by LPS. REALS by LPS is an interactive laser experience and this way likely unique.
Moving objects, body contours or gentle movement patterns are tracked with an infrared camera.
Via a special software several variable laser patterns and laser effects are projected, which can be supplemented by a LED wall or video projections.
Thus, for example, contours of the objects or movement patterns are rimmed in real time with a laser effect. From funny, interactive games up to compelling artistic performances in real time, exciting productions can be realized with REALS by LPS. REALS by LPS is popular with companies, event agencies and light technicians who want actively shape memories with exceptional laser effects. The interactive laser experience REALS by LPS proved at prolight+sound 2015 as a real crowd-puller, in spite of the rather modest number of visitors.

„With the this year‘s trade fair prolight+sound we missed some more international visitors, like already in the past. The number of visitors was so-so” said Rudi Maikler, Sales Manager Europe at LPS-Lasersysteme. “Nevertheless, this fair is important for a manufacturer to present its interesting product innovations and on the other hand to get personal contact with customers and business partners, who do not come from Germany and Europe”.

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