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Moving Heads are popular spotlights in the event industry to create exciting light effects. The movable head can be used flexibly, since they are characterized by a large radius of action. Depending on the technical features they can produce single or multi-color light beams, can be dimmed and stage various patterns.

The construction of all moving heads are similar, regardless of the manufacturer. The structure consists of three main components. The base, the yoke and the head. The yoke (also called arm) is the connection between the head and the base, and performs horizontal rotation movements. Inside the yoke you will find the drive mechanism, which is responsible for the vertical movement of the head. This construction allows the amazing free movement of the moving heads, and depending on installation of the device and the possible mechanically flexible movement, a nearly unlimited light projection. In the base there are all the major connections and functions, like the operating voltage, the DMX electronics, the drive mechanism for the yoke, and the fixture of the device.

In the past gas discharge lamps and Xenon lamps were used, but nowadays more and more LED lamps become modern light sources. The light source is integrated in the head, which makes the beam to achieve a swiveling movement of about 540 ° (depends on the system).

Conventional moving heads are available in various design and different power. There are the following different types: wash-light, spot, beam and panel, depending on the needs to produce different lighting effects and light beams. Common systems have capacities from 150 W up to more than 2000 W. Popular applications are for example TV shows, concerts, festivals, theatre, trade fairs, fashion shows, anniversaries, and many other events.

One of the well-known manufacturers of moving heads is GLP German Light Products GmbH. In close cooperation with LPS-Lasersysteme, both companies located in South-West of Germany, they developed an innovative product. This is a sophisticated moving head system, which is equipped with a pure diode show laser system. In addition to all required safety measures, like the scanner safety, the “LPS Impression Laser” moving heads are controlled via DMX and are equipped with an ILDA connection.
The “LPS Impression Laser” is available in the capacities 3K Green, 3K4 RGB, 6K RGB, 10K RGB as well as 15K RGB each with a high-end graphic scanner with real 30 kpps.
This innovative laser moving head is that way one of the special moving heads that are currently available on the market. That is surely only one reason, that this moving head become more and more popular with professional light designers for stages with well-known world stars.

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