Giant laser show productions for successful Russian pharmaceutical group

Recently, a dynamic Russian company took over a well-known giant from the American pharmaceutical industry, which was founded in the United States in 1849. The successful company from Russia was founded in 2001 by a young businessman in Russia and quickly grew up to a Group.

Well established, it cultivates today strong business relations with numerous, well-known pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Also in Baden-Wuerttemberg there is a company lcation that is operating with a different company name now. This factory takeover is regarded not only as another production plant which is located in the southwest of Germany, but also as the first pillar of the Russian company in Europe. The new plant is intended as the headquarters for all of Europe and should successfully open the door to the European market.

It was early October, as the takeover of the German branch was extensively celebrated in the Donauhalle, Ulm, Germany. There were some interesting acts in the evening program, which has offered great entertainment for all visitors of the celebration. In addition to talented artists, such as, for example, fire dancers and musical performances by three bands with different musical styles, the opening of the event itself was a real highlight at this evening. A specially programmed graphic laser show opened the ceremony.

This varied and entertaining presentation, decorated with elements such as the company logo, which dynamically rotated around the globe, as well as more graphical and textual representations, were designed specially for the company and the occasion of the event. Already in advance, the team of programmers and designers from LPS-Lasersysteme in Ofterdingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany proved lots of experience, creativity and musical sensibility to realize the demands and implement the wishes of the client. Finally, the laser graphic show was projected with the show laser system LPS-Bax. This laser projector is equipped with high-quality 60 kpps scanners, thus precise laser graphics and eye-catching animations are reliable projectable. As this was not enough, further laser show productions were presented during the evening.

As standalone show elements of the entertaining evening program, different programmed beam shows with various music titles enchanted the guests with truly magical laser show spectacles filled with breathtaking laser animations. All laser productions were programmed with the LPS-RealTIME Pro laser show software, which is developed by LPS and well-known with professional users.

With decades of experience and the concentrated knowledge of the users which is implemented in this multimedia laser show software, all types of laser shows can be programmed very user friendly.

For the beam shows three LPS BaX RGB show laser systems with a laser power by a total of about 55 W were used. However, to guarantee a professional laser show, further show equipment of high quality is required.

In addition, two wind fog combination of LPS-air series were used. Hereby, at the same time artificial fog is generated and distributed inside the location. THAT special laser effect is achieved only by evenly distributed fog, because through it the laser light is broken and thus more visible for human eye. Used as a very special effect, appropriate fog should not be missed at laser shows which are truly magical.

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